Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Review: Features, Battery Life, Performance

Hey there, smart home enthusiasts! If you’re like me though, you’re always looking out for useful gadgets not only to simplify things in your life but also to enhance security in your house.

Which is why I was thrilled to try out the Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. So, let’s dive into the details and see if this little device lives up to the hype.

First Impressions

The first thing that impressed me when I opened/unboxed this sensor was its minimalist appearance. It’s small and fits just right with my interior design.

It features a glossy white finish that makes it look elegant and clean. It is so inconspicuous, that it seamlessly fits into any room’s style whether you place it on a shelf, hang it on the wall, or tuck it into a corner.

It’s almost invisible, but if you look closely you can see an LED light on the front of the device that indicates when it’s working.

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Features That Won Me Over

Here’s my take on the Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor’s best features:

Sensing Capabilities

The Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor is like the eyes of my smart home. It can detect motion up to 15 feet away, which is quite impressive. I tested it in various parts of my home—my living room, hallway, and even the garage. It never missed a beat. The sensor’s wide-angle view ensures that it captures movement across a large area, making it ideal for spacious rooms or open-concept homes.

Battery Life

One of the best features is its long-lasting CR2 battery. The manufacturer says the battery will last for up to 2 years, and having experienced other SmartThings devices, I have no reason not to trust that claim. This is a huge relief because the last thing you want is to climb a stairway every few months to replace a battery.

Smart Home Harmony

What sets this sensor apart is its seamless integration with the SmartThings ecosystem. I’ve set up automations that make my life easier and more convenient.

For instance, if my motion detector senses someone in the living room, my smart lights will start to brighten up slowly to a warm, welcoming atmosphere. When the garage door opens, my smart camera begins recording when it senses motion.

It’s like having a team of smart gadgets that work together smoothly.

Real-Time Alerts

The real-time alerts feature is a good thing, especially when I’m away from home. The sensor sends instant notifications to my smartphone if it detects any unexpected movement. 

I can even have this alert with an image captured on my Smart cameras for example and thus have a full view of what is in progress on my property while this alert is coming in. It’s like having a personal security guard that keeps an eye on things 24/7.

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Review

Performance Check

Here’s what I found during the performance check:


Let’s talk about the sensor’s accuracy, which, in my view, is excellent. I’ve had my experiences with motion sensors that are a bit too sensitive, triggering false alarms at the drop of a hat, or even a leaf. Not this one. 

The Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor is like a reliable guard dog; it knows when to bark and when to stay quiet.

I’ve placed it in busy spots like the living room and hallway, and it has consistently distinguished between routine movements and unexpected ones. No false alarms, keeping everything calm.

Response Time

Now, what’s a motion sensor worth if it doesn’t alert you in real-time? The response time of this sensor is incredibly fast.

It’s like the Flash of smart sensors; the moment it detects motion, it springs into action. I get an instant notification on my smartphone, and any connected smart devices are triggered immediately. 

For example, the moment I step into my living room, the sensor detects my presence, and my smart lights turn on to welcome me. It’s so quick that it feels like living in the future.

User Experience:

SmartThings app makes it easy to set up and use the sensor. It’s easy to tweak its sensitivities, create my own alerts, and link it to other smart devices for automation, all with a simple touch.

The interface is friendly, the app is easy to use and configure, and it’s just the overall experience is awesome from start to end.

How It Stacks Up Against Competitors:

I did some research to see how the SmartThings Motion Sensor compares to others on the market. Here’s what I found:


Most sensors I looked at had a range of 10-12 feet. SmartThings clearly takes the cake with its 15-foot range.

Battery Life: 

While some sensors offer a one-year battery life, SmartThings doubles that.


The seamless connection with other SmartThings devices is a huge plus. It’s like having a well-coordinated orchestra at home.


  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Wide detection range.
  • Seamless smart home integration.
  • Instant alerts.


  • A bit more expensive than other alternatives.
  • You’ll need a SmartThings Hub for the full experience.

Final Thoughts

So, is the Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor worth the investment? In my opinion, absolutely. It’s reliable, feature-rich, and integrates beautifully with my smart home setup. 

If you’re looking to add a layer of convenience and security to your home, I’d say go for it.

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